Meet Our Team

Cathey Jones is a well-known hairstylist have been in the industry for several years and loves hair.  Her pass time includes singing, reading a good book and playing the piano.  For an appointment contact her at 901-607-4478.   Instagram her @cathybraidz_n_styles, Facebook @cathybraidz

Shon is a highly skilled and professional  hair stylist with a stellar record of client satisfaction. Thoroughly knowledgeable in current hair care needs.  For an appointment contact her at 901-289-6030

 Krystal Taylor is a talented hairstylist specializing in braiding, relaxing, silk press, rod/roller sets, styling, color, twists/re-twist, dreads, detox.  Along with hairstyling, Krystal enjoys singing, acting and modeling the latest styles.  For an appointment contact her at 901-628-1868.  Instagram her  @stylist_krystaltaylor

 Willie Green is focused on providing a barber experience with professionalism and integrity.  He will sculpt any haircut or beard into what you want.  For an appointment contact him at 901-407-1567

We have some amazing booth rental specials going on. Please contact JB at 9012927492