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Meet Our Team

Cathey Jones is a well-known hairstylist have been in the industry for several years and loves hair.  Her pass time includes singing, reading a good book and playing the piano.  For an appointment contact her at 901-607-4478.   Instagram her @cathybraidz_n_styles, Facebook @cathybraidz

Shon Williams is a highly skilled and professional hair stylist with a stellar record of client satisfaction. Thoroughly knowledgeable in current hair care needs.  For an appointment contact her at 901-289-6030

Kiara Bankhead passion for hair braiding have allowed her to help more women enjoy incredible healthy hair in its beautifully nature state.  Using high quality products and innovative techniques, she works to create stunning results for each of her clients while personalizing their salon experience to ensure lasting styles that they want to flaunt.  To arrange an appointment, contact her by calling 901-292-7492.

 Willie Green is focused on providing a barber experience with professionalism and integrity.  He will sculpt any haircut or beard into what you want.  For an appointment contact him at 901-407-1567

For booth rental opportunities, please contact JB at 901-292-7492 to schedule a tour.  We have affordable move-in rates.

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